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Since 1985 we have been busy with developing and on the market bring of software for special applications.
The special application where our office is in specialized is recognising ammunition.
This software is finding his way worldwide to forensic laboratories, police services, military and legalized collectors.
The name Bullet Proof Software (BPS), with which we have brought these products on the market since 1992, is replaced by Knap Visuals.
The brand names CartWin en CartWin-Pro remains.
CartWin        CartWin-Pro

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Marinus Knap
Staniasingel 29   •   NL-9062 GL Oentsjerk   •   The Netherlands
Phone +31 58 256 3971   •   Cell phone +31 6 22 19 55 85   •   info@knap-visuals.nl

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