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A beautiful book in the Frisian language:

Libben op Great Oedstma State:

The new book by Gerbrich Gerbrandy-Kornelis is a historical autobiographical family novel, set against the times of the 20th century on the farm "Great Oedsma State".
It makes a fascinating and sophisticated way to see life from 1917,
in which the daily life of a large family with all its vicissitudes is affected by the major world events.
It is written in a positive way, with the space for small happiness and great sorrow.
ISBN 9 789090 289793
Hardback book • 660 pages • 16 x 24 cm book block • 1.665 kilograms
in a special design
Here for sale for only

€ 48,90

Incl. VAT and shipping costs (only within the Netherlands).

Click here for a number of examples of the book's interior

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